Every body has a story to tell


*  Functional Medicine focuses on biochemical individuality. 


*  Laboratory testing and screening tools can pinpoint even slight imbalances in your      biochemistry. 


*  These imbalances can lead to suboptimal health, chronic illness and degenerative disease.


Functional pathology tests provide essential information to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and management of health care issues using an wholistic approach to health.


Functional pathology testing also allows for the establishment of a baseline result that can be used to monitor your progress and treatment efficacy.  


When necessary I use and interpret any of the following tests to gain valuable information about the health and functioning of your body.  


*   Allergy testing

*   Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)  

*   Blood glucose test

*   Blood pressure monitoring  

*   Breath testing

*   Candida test

*   Cholesterol test  

*    DNA Profiling

*   Food Intolerance test

*    Food Sensitivity test 

*   Gastrointestinal Tract testing

*   Hair Mineral Analysis

*   Helicobacter Pylori testing

*   Hormone testing    

*   Intestinal Permeability test

*   Liver Detoxification Profile 

*   Osteoporosis Risk Assessment

*   Pesticide Exposure

*    Thyroid test  

*   Urinary Indicans test 

*   Urinary pH test

*   Zinc Tally test




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