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Helicobacter pylori     


Helicobacter pylori (H. Pylori) are the most common bacteria to infect humans.  They are found in the gastric mucosa (the mucous membrane lining of the stomach) and are also found in the mouth.   H. Pylori bacteria can be transmitted orally through saliva.      


H. Pylori infection can cause  

*   Abdominal cramping

*   Duodenal ulcers

*   Gastric ulcers

*   Gastritis

*   Halitosis (bad breath)

*   Heart burn  


H. Pylori infection is a major cause of gastric ulcers.  Several studies have identified a connection between H. Pylori infection and increased risk of gastric carcinoma.   


Helicobacter Pylori testing


The Helicobacter pylori test is a stool test which detects H. Pylori antigens present in human stool samples.  This is a non–invasive test which detects active infection. 




The results allow for appropriate anti-microbial treatment to be given.  Retesting can be carried out 4 weeks after completion of treatment to ascertain efficacy of the treatment regime. 





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