Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)

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Discover your REAL AGE with Bioimpedance Analysis


Bioimpedance Analysis measures the markers of ageing in the body.  


Research from the Human Nutrition Research Centre on Ageing has led to the identification of ten key biomarkers which can be used to chart the progression or the regression of ageing.  


Bioimpedance Analysis gives an accurate measure of:  


*    Active tissue mass  

*    Body composition

*    Cellular ageing 

*    Cellular fluid balance  

*    Cellular health and function

*    Dehydration

*    Fat mass  

*    Inflammation

*    Nutritional deficiencies

*    Toxicity   


Bioimpedance Analysis assesses these biomarkers and generates a living record of your key physiological and biological markers of ageing.  


The chronic degenerative diseases of ageing are now know to be partly due to genetics but mostly due to lifestyle.  Accelerated ageing eventually manifests as chronic disease.


By adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle based on your DNA Profile and Bioimpedance Analysis it is possible to slow down the ageing process and maintain functional capacity and vitality for the longest period of time.  


Using Bioimpedance Analysis the effectiveness of nutrition and exercise protocols can be readily seen, allowing adjustments to be made when necessary.  


The key to longevity is not so much about living long, but more about living well!





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