When you book your initial appointment     

You will be emailed or sent an information pack that includes:

*   Confirmation of your appointment

*   Health and Medical History and diet diary

*   A Comprehensive Health Appraisal  

These will need to be completed and brought with you to your initial consultation.



Initial Consultation

– 60 minutes  

At this appointment:  

Your current state of health, your diet, lifestyle, health history, family medical history, your health concerns and personal goals will be discussed. 


The following base line tests will be conducted:    

*   Blood Pressure and Pulse

*   Iridology

*   Tongue and Nail Diagnosis

*   Mineral taste test 

As well as

*   Testing options will be discussed

*   Supplements prescribed as necessary


What happens at my first consultation?  

It is important to take a full health history to ascertain which health concerns require the most attention and how well your body is functioning. 


Naturopaths are taught to treat the underlying causes of disease, not just the symptoms.   Taking a detailed health history helps to identify the underlying cause of your health problems.  


The information gained during this consultation also helps to identify further testing options that may be needed. 


Please bring along any recent or past medical tests you may have, as these can also give valuable health information and are often interpreted in a different way by a Natural Health Practitioner.    



Testing appointment

– 60 minutes

You may require a second appointment to perform screening tests necessary to assess any physical imbalances.creening tests can include: 


*   Bioimpedance Analysis 

*   Urinary pH test



Follow up appointment

– 30 minutes  

At this appointment:  

A ‘report of findings’ is presented to you along with a health programme to help you achieve your health goals. 


*   All program options are discussed

*   Individualised Treatment Plan recommended



Subsequent Appointments  

– 20min, 30min and 60min appointments are available  

This will depend on your individual Health and Wellbeing requirements. 



Health Rebates

Private health insurance rebates are available and apply to all consultations, depending on your individual level of cover.


Cancellation Policy

To recognise the importance of every patient’s time, a 24 hour reschedule or cancellation notice is required. Rescheduling or cancellation within 24 hours of your appointment will incur a service fee.  


Why Practitioner only products?  

As a Naturopath, Nutritionist and Registered Nurse it is important for me to have you feeling better, as quickly as possible.  This is achieved by prescribing programs that involve dietary and lifestyle changes as well as the use of Natural Medicines.


The various nutritional and herbal products I prescribe are:-


*   Scientific and clinically researched 

*   Provide therapeutic levels of vitamins, minerals and herbs in correct ratios for maximum       absorption by the body

*   Clinically effective and formulated to meet the exacting standards necessary to treat       chronic and acute health conditions 

*   Use only the highest quality ingredients and raw materials  

*   Go through rigorous quality testing  

*   Are free from heavy metals and pesticide residue 

*   Practitioner only 

*   Get excellent results


Similar “over the counter” products may be cheaper, however they can sometimes contain unsuitable additives, inferior quality raw materials and are not always formulated to achieve optimum results.





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