Pesticides (Organochlorines) testing


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Pesticides are synthetic chemicals that are used to control the insects, weeds and rodents that are known to destroy food supplies or living areas. Pesticide residues are commonly found in non-organic fruits and vegetables.  The most common pesticides used in agriculture include Chlordane, Dioxin, Diphenylamine and Heptachlor.  


Health risks of pesticides


Excessive exposure to pesticides is linked to immune suppression and may play a role in nervous system conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Many pesticides have also been implicated in the development of certain cancers such as prostate cancer and exposure may increase the risk of male infertility.


Signs and symptoms of excessive pesticide exposure


*  Damage to vital organs

*  Fatigue

*  Impaired mental function

*  Insomnia

*  Nausea

*  Nervousness


Pesticides  testing  


A simple blood test, which can be taken at any time of the day, can detect pesticide exposure and potential toxicity.  Fasting is not required beforehand.


People suffering from pesticide toxicity may also have compromised liver function.





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