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Zinc Tally Test provides a quick and reliable clinical test for the assessment of zinc status in the body.  Zinc is an important trace mineral and activates over 200 different enzymes in the body.  Virtually all cells in the body contain zinc. 


The roles of Zinc  in the body


*  Zinc stabilises cell membranes  

*  Strengthens cellular defences against free-radical damage  

*  Is essential for immune function  

*  Is needed for growth and development  

*  Participates in the syntheses, storage and release of insulin in the pancreas  

*  Interacts with platelets in blood clotting  

*  Affects thyroid hormone function  

*  Influences behaviour and learning performance  

*  Is needed to produce Vitamin A   

*  Is essential for normal taste perception  

*  Is essential for wound healing  

*  Is essential for sperm production  

*  Is essential for foetal development


A zinc deficiency impairs all these and other functions in the body. 


Why test for zinc status?


Numerous research studies have found that sub-optimal levels of zinc are very common at all ages, especially in the elderly.  An Australian study found that 85% of women and 65% of men do not receive the Recommended Daily Allowance for zinc in their diets.


Zinc Tally Test determines the need for zinc.  Retesting after 30 days of supplementation, not only determines zinc requirements, but also monitors zinc absorption. 




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