The healing power of nature is at the core of Naturopathy


 Naturopathy is an extremely comprehensive way of treating illness, ill-health and disease.


Naturopathy looks at the interconnectedness between illness and impaired functioning of the      body.


Every illness has an underlying cause, and Naturopathy aims to find and remove these      causes.


Dietary advice, nutritional supplements, herbal medicines, exercise and lifestyle recommendations are provided to give your body the building blocks for optimal health, wellness and healing.  


The use of natural medicine has the effect of enhancing your body's own healing mechanisms and helps to prevent further illness and disease.  


In addition, I use the following valuable screening tools:

Bioimpedance Analysis

DNA Profiling

Functional Medicine 


These tests, in conjunction with Naturopathy help me to gain as much information about how your body is functioning and how well it is dealing with your diet and lifestyle.  


The Naturopathic care you receive from Kathryn Arnel aims to:  

*   Give a comprehensive assessment and treatment of your health issues

*   Be specific to your health care needs

*   Identify and treat the cause of your health problems

*   Provide symptomatic relief

*   Be extremely thorough

*   Promote self healing

*   Be educative and informative

*   Enable you to take responsibility for your health

*   Use the highest quality nutritional and herbal products

*   Promote healthy eating and lifestyle choices  




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