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At Nature Cures, Naturopath Kathryn Arnel utilizes the following Natural therapies to enhance your body's own healing mechanisms and prevent further illness and disease.      



Functional Medicine   

Functional Medicine focuses on biochemical individuality.  

Laboratory testing and screening tools can pinpoint even slight imbalances in your biochemistry.  

These imbalances can lead to suboptimal health, chronic illness and degenerative disease.   

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Iridology is the art and science of analyzing the colour and structure of the iris of the eye to gain valuable insight into the health and condition of the body and identify inherent areas of weakness.  

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Naturopathy is an extremely comprehensive way of treating illness, ill-health and disease.  

Naturopathy looks at the interconnectedness between illness and impaired functioning of the body.  Every illness has an underlying cause, and Naturopathy aims to find and remove these causes.

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Diet is a very important part of health care, illness treatment and disease prevention.   Nutrient deficiencies can lead to ill-health with over 70% of all deaths in modern western societies linked to diet, particularly high levels of fat, sugar and salt.    

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Western Herbal Medicine

Herbs are a living medicine!  They contain many therapeutic compounds that exert a positive physiological effect on the functioning of the human body.  Herbs can correct the underlying causes of ill-health while treating the uncomfortable signs and symptoms of illness and disease.  

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