At Nature Cures, Kathryn Arnel offers Personalised Genetic Profiling.  


"The power of the genome (genetic code) to reveal an individuals biological strengths and weaknesses....is going to be an enormous and unprecedented help to their health".  Nobel Laureate, Professor Barry Marshall




Nutrigenomics is the study of the interaction between our genes, diet and lifestyle.  You cannot change your genes, however you can compensate for their influence by making the right nutritional, exercise and lifestyle choices.  


Many of our genes are essentially like a "dimmer switch" for a light.  They can be effectively "dialled up" or "dialled down" depending on what foods you eat and other lifestyle choices.  


What is your DNA telling you?


DNA Profiling is the exciting future of health care!  


Understanding your own unique DNA profile is the single most powerful tool to enhancing your personal health, fitness, energy and vitality.  Inherited genes cannot be changed, but we can change their effect on our health, vitality and ageing. 


Knowing your genetic profile and what gene variants you have, enables you to make informed choices about diet, exercise and lifestyle that best suits you based on your unique genetic profile.  


DNA Profiling


Personalised Genetic Profiling analysis 40 genes that directly influence health, fitness and nutrition.  


Genes tested include:

*    bone health  

*    cardiovascular health  

*    cellular defence 

*    detoxification  

*    fat metabolism    

*    immunity  

*    inflammation  

*    taste  


Personalised Genetic Profiling allows you to make the right nutrition, exercise and lifestyle choices.  It helps optimise repair of DNA damage and improves the function of your genes.


Importantly, many chronic diseases can be prevented by listening to and acting upon the messages you receive from your DNA.  


DNA Profiling has the potential to change your life.  Don't let the past rule your future.





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