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Mother Nature is the oldest and greatest pharmacist and the source of major and minor health miracles. 


*   Herbs are a living medicine!


*   Herbs contain many therapeutic compounds that exert a positive physiological effect on the       functioning of the human body.


*   Herbs can correct the underlying causes of ill-health while treating the uncomfortable signs       and symptoms of illness and disease. 


Herbs have been used as medicine, by all cultures for many centuries.  Herbal medicine has a long, proven history which provides a perfect complementary form of medicine.  


Herbs are a mini laboratory in themselves and contain therapeutic compounds that we can use for food and medicine.  These therapeutic compounds work within the body to promote healing, health and wellness.


Herbs can be dispensed in teas, tinctures, decoctions, capsules, tablets, oils, creams, ointments and salves.  They can be used as preventative medicine to keep you from getting sick and as therapeutic medicine to help you recover from illness.   





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